About Us!

Just a little about us...


We are Steve & Cindy. Cindy doesn't ride her own bike, but she likes the ride on the back of our Indian Roadmaster.  The Indian is my 5th bike overall, but the first Indian. I had a Harley Electra Glide Ultra before the Indian.


I've had a few metric bikes in the past (all cruisers...never had any desire for a crotch rocket) when I was younger but, older and wiser, I’ll never ride anything but an American bike these days. When we are not riding, we're both in American vehicles too. So we're all American, all the way! These days we ride an Indian Roadmaster. Our next bike may be another Roadmaster, or it might be a Harley. Who knows? The only thing certain is it will be an American Motorcycle...and we will always be Riding American.