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Saturday, 12 January 2019 12:41

Savannah / Mt Dora Indian Vacation 2018

Our 2018 vacation didn't go quite as nice as the 2017 vacation did. We pulled out early Saturday morning 6/2/18. The plan was to ride to Savannah, Georgia. It's a little over 5 hours if we would have taken all highway but we planned a route with back roads and A1A (the road that runs right next to the coast north & south in Florida...you can see the ocean through most of it) as much as possible so it would be 8 - 9 hours and we'd be arriving some time mid to late afternoon in Savannah...enough time to take showers and hit River Street and all the bars as our hotel was 1 block from it.


We were staying in Savannah until Wednesday afternoon, then heading down to Mount Dora, Florida. Mount Dora is home to Sugarloaf Mountain...which is a great motorcycle ride. Mt Dora has lots of good riding as it's in the middle of the state (away from both coasts) so it's not too crowded and it has lots of hills and (small) mountains pretty much everywhere...a bit of a rarity in Florida and literally non-existent in my part of Florida. Sugarloaf Mountain is a nice curvy road with plenty of inclines and declines...so it's gotten somewhat popular down here with motorcycle riders. Mt Dora is also home to the historic Lakeside Inn. It was built in 1883 and has a lot of history. Nice place, in a great area, and we were staying there for our 3 days in Mt Dora.


We had just gotten the Indian 6 weeks before this so we were pretty anxious to get going and off we went on our first long trip on the Indian. We were taking the Turnpike for the first 2 hours, getting off in Daytona as we knew the Tpk would not be too bad early Saturday morning and figured we'd knock out the first 2 hours at highway speed, then kick back on the rest. Made it to Daytona just fine. Got off the turnpike and headed towards A1A. We were stopped at a light with backed up traffic, we could seed A1A and the ocean from where we were at, and then this happened...



Doesn't look as bad in the pic as it was but the damage was over $7,000.00...and the bike was back at the dealer for 6 weeks before we got it back. We had it for 6 weeks, then lost it for 6 weeks. Bummer. The only reason the tail light wasn't smashed is because the kid had a lowered car and it hit right at the license plate.



Couldn't ride it off the bridge as the fender was pushed into the tire. It already had a groove down the middle of the tire from pulling it off to the side of the road. Kid came flying over the bridge, we were stopped not far below the top as traffic was backed up at the light, and he didn't see us until the last second. He even said that he lives close to the bottom of the bridge and that he knows better as traffic is always backed up there.


So, both saddle bags were cracked and had to be replaced, along with trunk mounting brackets, rear fender, and other obvious parts. After a long wait, we got it towed to the Indian Dealer in Daytona who didn't want us to leave it there, so we waited on another tow truck for over 2 1/2 hours and finally got it towed home to take it to the local Indian dealer I bought it from to work on. We had decided on the long, very slow ride home in the tow truck (the guy refused to go over 60 for whatever reason) that we weren't going to let it ruin our vacation so we hopped in the SUV and shot back up to Savannah Saturday night. So we did the whole thing as planned...but without the bike and obviously no riding. Made the best of it and ended up having a great time in spite of a bad start.





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Tuesday, 01 January 2019 19:35

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