How I ended up on an Indian

08 Jan 2019 21:31 - 08 Jan 2019 22:15 #16 by Steve
The Indian Roadmaster is my 5th bike overall, but the first Indian. I had a Harley Electra Glide Ultra before the Indian. I loved that Harley and put a lot of miles on it. When I bought the Indian, we were actually out looking for a newer model (but used) Harley. Went in to the local Indian Dealership to look at an Ultra...mostly because the place is very big and they had a lot of used Harleys there. Sales guy insisted that I sit on this new Indian Roadmaster in the showroom before we went in the back to look at the Harley. It was nice, and I noticed right away how the balance was perfect, but I was focused on seeing the Harley as I was pretty sure we'd be leaving on it.

Ended up not getting that Harley. It was nice enough...but the Ultra I already had was in great shape and rode nice. There wasn't enough difference between the 2 to justify me dumping my Ultra for that one. I was fine with my Ultra but I was looking for something that would be a bit more comfortable for my wife in the back. We had taken an 1800 mile trip on the Ultra several months prior and she wasn't too cozy during some of that time. So a newer bike was mostly for her and she didn't notice any difference in the ride on the Harley we test rode, so we decided against it.

Before we left, he urged us to take a 17 (used) Roadmaster, that was sitting out front, for a ride. Right away Cindy noticed how comfortable it was. A very noticeable difference for her. Obviously a big plus right off the bat. I was real surprised at how good it handled and how light it felt. It really rode nice and smooth. I had never even touched an Indian until that day...but found myself liking that one a lot.

Skipping to the end, over the next 2 weeks I test rode 3 different Harleys including a new 2018 Ultra, and test rode 3 different Indians including a new 2018 Roadmaster. As I went through this, we decided to spend the extra on a new bike as the Harley was in really good why replace it unless it was with a new one. I came very close to getting that 18 Ultra, but the Indian just really rode better to us. The RM is 75 lbs heavier than the Harley was, but it feels 100 lbs lighter. Cindy noticed right away the better comfort of the ride on the back of that Indian...and the bike was just very smooth riding overall...and again, the balance was perfect...which made the handling perfect.

Nothing against the Harley at all, but Indian really got those 3 things right...balance, handling, and passenger comfort. (In case you're wondering, they all were comfortable to me...but I've never had a problem on any of my bikes riding long distances...and I've rode them all long & short distances.) So, ended up getting that shiny black Roadmaster that the sales guy had me sit on before we went in the back to look at the Harley. Bought it with literally 1 mile on it. That was on tax day...April 15, 2018. Still love it. Drive it everywhere. My daily rider to work long as it's not pouring rain when I walk out the door in the morning.

Steve Behrens
2018 Indian Roadmaster
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